Handyman Services

The All Services App That Connects You With Professional Handyman On The Go. Near You

Worried about hiring professionally skilled locksmiths, electricians, painters, or other handyman services near you?

Simply do not worry, because the Get It Done Now app makes very easy to hire a reliable handyman in at an affordable rate, covering Lagos and Nigeria!

We developed this app by primarily focusing on the user and we believe this provides a well-rounded, positive experience. Our customer-centric approach ensures that the user, at all times, is at the center of our ideas, vision and operations.

Similar to a bridge, GIDN is built around the concept of connecting a user at one point who needs help with a task, to a Service Professional at another point who can provide the much-needed solution or service.



Select from a wide variety of services available on GIDN like Professional cleaning services, locksmith,  house moving services, pest and animal care, AC installation, personal errand services and request for a skilled handyman, when you need one either in your home or place of work.

Our Skilled Service Providers are ready to offer you

Locksmith services

Emergency plumbing

Electrician contractors

Home cleaning services

Computer technicians

House painting

Other Online Services

Technician support

Building Services

AC Installation Services

Home Maintenance

House Safety Services

House Decoration/Interior Decoration

Home Moving Services

Fumigation and Pest Control

Cable TV Installation

Internet Tech Service

Elder Care

Personal Training Services

Body Waxing

Manicure and Pedicure


An Easy to Use App That Offers You Total Control

As a company, we believe so much in simplicity, which is why GIDN app was designed to solve the complex problems always faced by users and project it in its simplest form that everybody of our modern age can use. This technology was developed to fill the huge gap on security and safety, so users and businesses can have it easy for greater user experience. Download ,  Register and that’s it!

Searching, Booking and Paying for the solutions you need shouldn’t take so long. Lesser time spent translates to all round efficiency without compromising on quality. The entire process is carried out in the App, assisted by GIDN, and All Payments are done thorugh the App.

GIDN covers your main needs either in the office or at home with regards to the various service providers signed up with the platform and available in Lagos and other locations.


GIDN rewards Customers and Professionals for every use of the App and giving a review of the work done right on the App.


What a customer must do is simply to call, book the service, and after the work is completed and payment is processed, give necessary feedback on the App.


The monthly reward is 500 points, every complete action gives 100 point each. A complete 500 points gives the customer a ticket to spending the evening at the luxurious Eko Hotel and Suites with a sumptuous meal.