Is it a free service?

Yes, the standard user is for free with an option to upgrade to premium at ₦700 per month. The premium user will have access to features and data not available to the standard user.

I did not receive the 6 digit code on my mobile phone during registration. How do I proceed?

The code will also be sent to the e-mail address provided during registration.

Do the professionals on the platform go through a screening process?

Yes indeed. GIDN does a background check on the professionals included on our platform.

is there a rate on the platform for the services provided by the professionals?

There are no rates for the services provided. Rates are to be agreed with professionals.

What happens if there's a need to revisit the work done by the professional?

Revisiting of the works are to be arranged as part of a normal commercial relationship between Client and Professional/Company. Get it Done Now encourages professionals and companies to deliver the highest standard possible as this may affect the ratings.

How do I update the personal information provided during the registration?

You can update all personal information by using the edit button on the home screen.

How do I search for a tasker using the app?

On the Search Provider screen, select the Field of work required. Choose from either a professional individual and/or company then click on the Search button.

How long does the search process take?

After clicking the Search button, it takes less than three seconds to find a professional tasker.

Can I search for high profile taskers outside of my current LGA?

Yes, this feature is only enabled for the premium users.


What does it cost to join GIDN ?

There is a standard 30 days free trials for all new joiners. After this period, it will cost just ₦1000 per month (this discount is only available until the end of December 2019) to remain active on GIDN. We are currently giving out 3 months promotions to all profiles including individuals and companies. Take this opportunity and benefit now!

What do the icons on the home page represent?

The Eye represents the amount of users on the app who have viewed your profile. The phone and email represents users who have tried to contact you via the app.

How do I know the impact of GIDN on my business?

You will be able to monitor how many people have seen you and called you from GIDN in real time. GIDN will have a very positive impact on your business activities. You will also receive feedback and rating on completed jobs from your customers that potential customers can see.

Will Get it Done Now charge me for every business activity?

Absolutely not! Get it Done Now will lead you to clients but will not charge ( a commission on your business activities. Details between you and your client are independent of Get it Done Now.

My profession is not listed among the service offerings on the application. Will I still get visibility via GIDN?

Yes. GIDN will include dynamically the list of professions demanded. Only drop a line to us under “report an issue”, to let us know. Your profession will feature in the list soon after.