An Easy to use App that connects you with professional Skilled Artisans on the Go

Getting worried about hiring professionally skilled artisan in Lagos? Worry less, because the GetItDoneNow app makes it very easy and convenient to hire a reliable handyman in your neighborhood at an affordable rate.

An easy to use app that offers you total control

  • Simple
  • Efficient
  • Convenient

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Get It Down Now (GIDN) Mobile App

Need Help Finding Handyman and Skilled Artisans That Make Life Easier?

Select from a wide variety of services available on GIDN like Professional cleaning services, house moving services, pest and animal care, AC installation, personal errand services and request for a skilled handyman, when you need one either in your home or place of work.

Services Our Skilled Artisans Are Ready to Offer You

Electrical Services
Building Services
AC Installation Services
Home Maintenance
House Safety Services
House Decoration/Interior Decoration
Home Moving Services
Fumigation and Pest Control
Cable TV Installation
Internet Tech Service
Elder Care
Medical Care
Manicure and Pedicure
Massage Services
Personal Training Services
Body Waxing
General Auto Mechanic Services
Pet and Animal Care
Personal Errand Services
Residential/Commercial Cleaning services
House painting
Event Planning